The last minute one – the bits I loved from 2017 continued

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A lovely Swedish couple had been refused at their planned wedding location due to a mistake with some paperwork.  As they had made all the other arrangements, not to mention a load of friends and family travelling from afar, they contacted me in desperation just a few days before their planned wedding day.  I love a challenge and a bit of drama so of course, I said yes.   Continue reading “The last minute one – the bits I loved from 2017 continued”

Our feet in the water – the bits i loved from 2017 continued

Our feet in the water – The bits i loved from 2017 ceremonies continued

These were the words continuously in my head when writing a ceremony for a relaxed, intimate beach wedding on a tiny Greek island called Tilos.  ‘We want to get married with our feet in the water’.  It was one of the first things the couple told me in our initial skype call.  And who am I to disappoint?  So they did.  They stood at the edge of the sea, feet in the water, as their friends and family wriggled their toes in the sand.  At the close of the ceremony, the groom scooped up his bride and carried her into the water for their ‘first swim’. Bridesmaids slipped off their dresses to reveal bikinis and with them, their guests followed them onto the watery dancefloor a few minutes later to join them.  It was the perfect way to begin their married life as the sea had played such a significant role in the relationship. Continue reading “Our feet in the water – the bits i loved from 2017 continued”

The bits I loved from 2017 ceremonies

From ceremonies in the sea to paragliding grooms, 2017 has been a beautiful year for wedding ceremonies and vow renewals for me.  And not least because it’s been my first ‘proper’ year as a Celebrant – and I have loved every second of it!  Now Christmas is out of the way (oh come on, don’t tell me your not planning summer holidays already!) and we are in that ‘no-mans land’ between Christmas and new year, I’m in reflective mode and thinking about all the beautiful wedding ceremonies and Vow renewals that I have written and conducted this year.  I initially intended this as one blog post, but at 1400 words it became clear that it would be a better idea to spread the love (like the leftover turkey) over the days between Christmas and New Year. So, lucky you, for the next 7 days you can sit yourself down with the tipple of your choice and a turkey sandwich and see what went down during some fabulous Celebrant wedding ceremonies in Greece this year.

I’m going to get the ball rolling with this one:

A touching speech within the ceremony – Greek BFF’s… Continue reading “The bits I loved from 2017 ceremonies”

How to choose a reading for your wedding ceremony

Heads up – there is no such thing as an original reading at a wedding. You can dredge the internet all you like, but don’t get sucked into the ’12 wedding readings never read before’ headline. Ask any wedding celebrant or officiant, we have heard them all and many of them several times!

But that’s fine, because we are in wedding ceremony land all the time. You and your guests aren’t, so it just may be possible that they haven’t heard that obtuse reading you found on your ‘wedding readings no-ones done before’ google search.

If you really want something unusual and original, Continue reading “How to choose a reading for your wedding ceremony”

Wedding vow renewal in Rhodes

A vow renewal is always going to be special. A couple who, for whatever reason, want to reconfirm to the world or just their family that they are still in love and still intending to walk side by side in life. This year I was really touched by a request for a vow renewal ceremony on a couples 40th wedding anniversary.  40 years! The ceremony was organized by the couples daughter and although the couple filled in my questionnaire with their history, it was their daughter who checked the script and signed it off. The couple would be hearing the ceremony for the first time on the day.  Not nerve wracking at all!

The day before, I met up with the daughter and her partner to show them the ceremony venue. They had never been to Rhodes before and chose the venue from photos. I knew they wouldn’t be disappointed, but even still! Though the family have holidayed in some very beautiful and exotic destinations, the view of the blues of Greece never disappoint! This little spot set up a mountainside overlooking the sea is as impressive as any.


Continue reading “Wedding vow renewal in Rhodes”

Can you make a Wedding Ceremony ‘unique’?

I love this post written by my fellow celebrant from White Knot Weddings, Julia Tsiaka  (originally posted here) so I am sharing it with you!

I am a Huff Post Weddings blog fan.  Recently a blog post by Marta Segal Block entitled ‘Why ‘unique’ weddings are a myth’ attracted my interest.

I had to agree with the main drift of the article – out-doing the previous bride does seem to have become something of a competitive sport in modern weddings.  Unique and different often leans toward whacky and down-right weird in some cases.  In the worst scenarios what should have been oh-so-memorable becomes prefer-to-forget-able! Continue reading “Can you make a Wedding Ceremony ‘unique’?”

5 Things which never fail to surprise me at Wedding Ceremonies

Life is full of surprises and none more so than at a Wedding!  Here a few things which never fail to surprise me at a Wedding ceremony.

It’s always the person you don’t expect to cry who does

Invariably, one of the couple will tell me that they are sure they will be a blubbering mess on the day, but more often than not it’s the other person that gets overwhelmed! But don’t be afraid to show your emotions, your partner and your guests will love you all the more for it. Continue reading “5 Things which never fail to surprise me at Wedding Ceremonies”