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Are you looking for a wedding ceremony in Greece that’s all about you, that reflects your style, your personalities and tells your story in a way that you choose it to be told? This is precisely what I can do for you as a Wedding Celebrant here in Greece!

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What does a wedding celebrant in Greece do?

I create and perform a unique, meaningful wedding ceremony or wedding vow renewal ceremony. Apart from all that important solemn stuff, your wedding ceremony will be entertaining and engaging and just plain amazing!

When you choose a Wedding Celebrant to lead your ceremony you are completely free to choose the style, format and content which means that you get the ceremony YOU want, not one that has been prescribed or dictated to you. This gives you the freedom to include any ceremonial elements or wording that hold meaning to you, ditch the rest or create some new ones!

What kind of couples do you write and perform wedding ceremonies for?

Couples of any religion, ethnicity, race or sexual orientation – everyone basically! But it’s especially for people who want their ceremony to be as significant and memorable a part of the day as the party after, and not just the ‘boring bit’ to get through before the party!

So if you are a couple who want to celebrate the most significant part of the day in an engaging way that will have your guests laughing and crying in equal measures – come to Mama!

Two brides in a same sex wedding ceremony exchange wedding rings. The ceremony was created by ECK-A wedding Celebrant in Greece

Why would I choose a Celebrant wedding ceremony in Greece?

  • Freedom to have a ceremony that suits your personalities
  • Freedom to incorporate and combine elements, wording or traditions from different backgrounds
  • Freedom to include others within the ceremony – your parents, your children, all your guests!
  • Freedom to hold your wedding ceremony pretty much anywhere!

A wedding ceremony in Zakynthos, Greece. The shot taken from above shows the couple on the rocky peninsula with the blue se beyond. The wedding Celebrant in the photo is ECK, A wedding celebrant in Greece

Why wouldn’t I choose you to be our Wedding Celebrant in Greece?

  • If you want a ‘fake’ wedding ceremony
  • if you want a religious ceremony (although I’m happy to let someone else read a prayer or reading)
  • if you are not interested in the content of your ceremony and just want to get to the party (no judgement here!)
  • If you can’t see the value of having something amazing written for one of the most important moments of your life or something that genuinely reflects and represents you both as a couple and your intentions for your marriage.

How will you create my wedding ceremony in Greece?

We will arrange a meeting or a Skype call first and I will ask you both a few questions to get an idea in my mind for how you want the ceremony to feel.  This is followed up by a detailed questionnaire which you complete and send back.  From this, I will create a first draft and outline for the ceremony and will make any suggestions for traditions or readings. And then we take it from here. I will email, skype or telephone as often is required to get the ceremony perfect and just the way you want it.

On the day or evening before the wedding (time permitting) we do a rehearsal of the ceremony with everyone who is involved.  On the day I will be there at least an hour before the ceremony is due to start.

What if we don’t get along?

Hey, it happens!  It’s very important to have a good ‘fit’ with your Wedding Celebrant. If you (or I) feel after our skype call that we are not quite right for each other then I can recommend you fellow Celebrants, no hard feelings and no questions asked.

Is it legally binding?

This is your wedding ceremony and does not include the legal registration of your marriage.  Most couples choose to legally register the marriage in their country of residence. It’s also possible to combine the services of a Greek civil service (legal registration) with a celebrant led ceremony, but this can differ depending on the area. I can advise you on this when you tell me which amazing location you have chosen! (The legal registration of your marriage is your own responsibility.)

Are you a wedding planner?

No.  If you need one, I can certainly recommend planners who I know and have worked with in the past.  If you have already organised a wedding planner, that’s great!  You can give me their details and I can communicate with them if we have any particular needs for the ceremony.  Equally, I am always happy to give you the low down on venues and locations where I have performed ceremonies in the past.  (I’m nice like that.) I also have a dedicated page on the blog too where you can find ‘Wedding folk I love’ which is all about different suppliers which make my heart sing.

How much does it cost?

The real answer to this is that it’s priceless.  However, the actual answer is £495 for the planning, preparation and presentation on the day.

(if your ceremony is elsewhere in Greece other than Rhodes there is an additional flat fee of £150 to cover travel expenses))

I still have loads of questions!

Fair enough.  Why don’t you contact me to arrange a skype call (without obligation) and we can chat things through?  You can use the contact form or email me directly at weddingcelebrantgreece@gmail.com

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Much love,

Elizabeth x

About Me

4 photos of ECK wedding celebrant greece pulling different faces from serious to silly
ECK – your Wedding Celebrant in Greece (who hates having her photo taken…)

I became a wedding celebrant here in Greece because I love people and their stories. Let’s face it we all have one.   I am fascinated by the process of two peoples stories coming together to combine into something bigger than themselves. And from this the desire to build a life together, or in the case of a vow renewal, to continue that life together.

What’s my story? Well, I came to Greece back in 1990, mainly to immerse myself in the cultural and historical… ok, to have a party in Malia, Crete. The party continued onto Rhodes and here I met my husband and had my own big, fat Greek wedding. Two children, three dogs and one horse later, here I am still.

I love inter-anything weddings, I’m in one myself so I am sensitive to the complexities and richness that it brings. I especially love the Greek mixes as obviously, I can relate.  I have a respectful understanding of the complexities of combining Greekness with anything else-ness.

I love to travel, especially in Greece and I love to run. I always have my trainers with me when I travel anywhere. It’s a great way to explore!

I fully support equality in marriage – be it inter-faith, inter-racial, same sex.

You can see what I’m up to on my facebook page here or on my Instagram account here. Head over to the blog to read about real wedding ceremonies, meet some amazing wedding industry folk or get get some great advice!

But enough about me. I want to hear about you!  Contact me here for your ceremony.

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According to my Mum, ‘self-praise is no recommendation’.  And because Mum’s are always right, here’s some praise instead from some of the gorgeous couples who have enjoyed their own wedding ceremony in Greece with me:

(You can read about Niesha and Barry’s ceremony here on the blog)

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