5 good reasons for an elopement ceremony in Greece

wedding couple kiss under an arch on a beautiful beach in greece

What exactly is an elopement ceremony in Greece and more importantly, is it right for you?

In the old days, eloping meant running away to get married. Not much planning would have gone into it, the deed needed to be done before anyone who might want to stop it taking place caught up with the couple! These days an elopement ceremony in Greece is a bit more of a sophisticated affair. You plan the ceremony in advance, maybe employ the services of a planner and photographer, and then you co-create THE most amazing, super-focused ceremony with your Celebrant. I’m serious. When there is just the two of you to please yourselves, ‘personalised ceremony’ goes to a whole new level!

Let’s create an elopement ceremony in Greece which is super romantic, incredibly intimate and very relaxed. Be free to really wear your heart on your sleeve. All the weight of expectation from family or friends vaporised. There is no comeback from leaving anyone off the guest list as you left them ALL off! And there is no pressure to include wedding traditions, or obligations to please other people. This is REALLY all about you two. No-one else.

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