Get your Greek on – the bits I loved from 2017 continued

It came as no surprise to me that my Greek brides would want to include some significant Greek wedding traditions into their ceremony – they may have been second generation from parents that emigrated to the states and Australia, but there is nothing more Greek than a Greek that lives outside of the motherland!  At both weddings we incorporated the wedding crowns (you can read all about these in my guest post for the Celebrants directory here) But it wasn’t just the Greek brides that wanted to include it Continue reading “Get your Greek on – the bits I loved from 2017 continued”

Flashmob reading – the bits I loved from 2017 continued

Flashmob style happenings are quite a thing in weddings these days whether they involve the bridal party in a  secretly choreographed dance routine or bursting into song.  I love the element of surprise and delight these offer as well as the obvious dedication and time spent rehearsing by all involved, and as I’ve said before I’m a huge fan of audience participation in wedding ceremonies.  So I was wondering how I could include something similar into an intimate beach ceremony where the guests were all a big group of friends and really close family.  I seized the opportunity when I met the maid of honour, who was obviously well up to helping me organise the task. I took her to one side and explained my plan.  She thought it was a great idea and set off to find other willing participants.  So during the ceremony where I had included an 8 line reading about soulmates by Richard Bach for me to read, at the point where the reading started I gave the nod to the maid of honour and she toned out: Continue reading “Flashmob reading – the bits I loved from 2017 continued”

Our feet in the water – the bits i loved from 2017 continued

Our feet in the water – The bits i loved from 2017 ceremonies continued

These were the words continuously in my head when writing a ceremony for a relaxed, intimate beach wedding on a tiny Greek island called Tilos.  ‘We want to get married with our feet in the water’.  It was one of the first things the couple told me in our initial skype call.  And who am I to disappoint?  So they did.  They stood at the edge of the sea, feet in the water, as their friends and family wriggled their toes in the sand.  At the close of the ceremony, the groom scooped up his bride and carried her into the water for their ‘first swim’. Bridesmaids slipped off their dresses to reveal bikinis and with them, their guests followed them onto the watery dancefloor a few minutes later to join them.  It was the perfect way to begin their married life as the sea had played such a significant role in the relationship. Continue reading “Our feet in the water – the bits i loved from 2017 continued”