Wedding Unity Rituals – An All You Need To Know Guide


Everything you need to know to find a wedding unity ritual that speaks to you and ways to make it your own.


Sand blending, Handfasting and unity candles are some of the wedding unity rituals you might’ve heard of already. But did you know that there are a whole lot more?

This is your 101 guide to over 20 wedding unity rituals. Inside you will find all you need to know:

  • where the ritual comes from
  • what it is
  • why you might include it in your ceremony
  • how to make it yours

A unity ritual is any symbolic act which involves either you (the couple), or your family/friends working together to produce a visual and symbolic end result. They can be seen as a mini ceremony within the ceremony.

Wedding unity rituals go a long way to personalising your ceremony. If you are including other people who play a significant part in your lives it’s a beautiful way to honour them.


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